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Here you find answers to common questions. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for please send us a message through the contact form below –  we will get back to you in no time (usually withing 24 hours).

How much warranty is on the product?

All our products have 12 month warranty upon the date of purchase while vacuum tubes have a warranty of 3 months. 

May I return the product if I don't like it?

In case you are not satisfied with our product you may return it  (if undamaged) within 10 days upon purchase date (please send us a message via the contact contact form on our website). Your money will be returned once we received the device in our service center in Germany.

Where can I get spare parts and how can I repair my device?
  • Send us a message via the contact form on the website for spare parts or repairs
  • Please do not try to open your device or repair it on your own unless you’re equipped with the needed knowledge and accept to lose your warranty


Does the tube amplifier have sufficient power to drive my loudspeakers?

Yes, definitely. Don’t underestimate the power of a tube amplifier. Take a look at the knowledge article on our website to learn more.

All our amplifiers have sufficient power to not only cater for room volume but also for your party cool

Also, the higher the dB number of your speaker (e.g. 90dB) the louder it will be. In order to get the real tube sound, it’s important to “drive” your tubes as they sound best at mid to higher volumes. This means a stronger tube amp might not give you the warm and delicate tube sound you expect since you won’t be able to properly “drive” it for most of the time (usually, people mostly listen at room volume)

Also, please make sure the recording you’re playing has sufficient volume in itself (meaning that it was recorded properly) and that you have turn up the volume on your device (e.g. computer, DAC, mobile phone)

How to connect a Bluetooth device / How to switch the amplifier on/off?
  • Turn down the volume knob
  • Switch on the amplifier (power switch on the front left side)
  • Stay in the range of ~10 meters and check on your phone/computer/device for new a Bluetooth device “QCC3003” and connect
  • Select the input (Bluetooth or RCA/Cinch) via the switch on the front right side
  • Play a song and turn up the volume knob


  • Turn off Bluetooth first before turning off the amplifier else you might hear a crackling noise at the moment of turning off
  • Ideally, keep the volume of the device from which you are playing music via Bluetooth at maximum level and regulate volume only on the amplifier
  • To connect another device via Bluetooth, the currently connected device must first terminate its connection to the amplifier to free it up for connecting to another device

Video: Tholin-Audio Amplifier PT10-40 – How to switch on and off

Does the tube amplifier get hot?
  • Yes, very hot!
  • Do not touch the top of the device and tubes while in operation and for a certain time after operation
  • Do never cover the amplifier!
  • Keep away from children and animals


How do I connect loudspeakers and audio devices to the amplifier?

Check our video: Tholin-Audio Amplifier PT10-40 – How to connect

  1. Connect your loudspeakers (you may connect using blanc wires or banana plugs)
  2. In case you’re not connecting via Bluetooth, connect your device on the RCA/Cinch inputs
  3. Connect the power cord


What else do I need to use the amplifier and listen to music?

All you need to listen to music is

  1. The amplifier
  2. A pair of loudspeakers
  3. An audio device (e.g. mobilephone, computer, CD player, turtable with phono pre-amp, …)


How do I setup the amplifier after I received it?

Check our video: Tholin-Audio Amplifier PT10-40 – How to connect and 

  1. Unpack the device
  2. If not already done: Assemble the tubes in their sockets (small tubes in the front, large tubes in the back sockets). Ideally, wear gloves during installation to prevent possible dirt or oil/fat smear on the tube
  3. Add the tube-head connectors to the large rear tubes.
    → For the PT10 it doesn’t matter which cable goes left/right
    → For the PT40 the red cable goes onto the right connector, black left (viewed from the front of the amplifier)
  4. Connect your loudspeakers with either cable wire or banana plugs
  5. Optional: Connect your audio device via RCA/Cinch (in case you don’t connect via Bluetooth)Connect power chord
  6. Turn down the volume knob
  7. Switch on the amplifier (power switch on the front left side)
  8. Optional: Connect sound source via Bluetooth (see FAQ above)
  9. Push play on your sound source and slowly turn up the volume. Enjoy!


What type of tubes are used in the amplifier and could I replace them?

PT10 and PT40 are using FU29 tubes for the power amplifier and 6N3 (PT10) respectively 6N2 (PT40) tubes for the pre-amp stage. 

In case you break your tubes you could replace them by yourself or send your device to us for repair. 

Please contact us in case you need help or spare parts. 


Do I have to "burn" the tubes in before I get the best sound of of it?

Indeed! After about 10 hours of listening the tubes will be burned in and exhibit their full potential. In order to burn them in it doesn’t matter if you listen to quiet or loud music as long as you listen to something.


Does the amplifier have to warm up before I can listen to music?

Not really. It won’t take longer than 2-3 Seconds for the amplifier to be ready. Just switch on and listen. 

How much Ohm Ω should the loudspeakers have?

Our tube amplifiers can drive any loudspeaker from 4-8 Ω and are designed in a way to deliver the same power on both 4 and 8 Ω loudspeakers.


How long do the tubes last? Do I have to replace them after a while?

Tubes can last around 10 years if treated well. Means if you don’t switch it on and off in quick seccessons they will last for a very long time. 

Also, the tubes are a standard product and in case they’re burned dead you may be able to repurchase them even in the far away future.

The amplifier itself emits a low frequency hum - is this normal?

Yes indeed, this is normal. All tube amplifiers emit a little low frequency hum which is emitted by the large transformer (power supply) and not coming out of your loudspeakers. However, this won’t be so loud as to upset your listening experience.

Still got questions? Please send us a message!

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Tube Powered Stereo Amplifiers with Bluetooth

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PT40 Bluetooth Tube Amplifier

2-Way Dual Concentric Loudspeakers

OctaCon Dual Concentric

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